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Macy and kittens

Macy and kittens

We are the shelter that responds when dogs and cats are found shot, starved or suffering from heartworm. We accept pregnant animals and allow them to raise their babies, and we take the motherless babies that require bottle feeding. We take animals regardless of age, medical condition, or breed. We take many animals off death row each month and send them on transport to the northeast where they find loving forever homes.

Hondo on arrival

Hondo on arrival

We have taken that litter of kittens that was born on your porch to a stray cat. We have taken the dogs dropped off in your yard. We have absorbed the costs of saving the dog you found suffering in a ditch after being hit by a car and the cat that was found tied up in a garbage bag and tossed in the dumpster.

We are the shelter of last resort.

We always need donations to help us keep going and without them, we would have to close.  If that happens, it will be a death sentence for hundreds–even thousands–of dogs and cats. Please show your support by making a donation now, so that we can continue the good work of saving lives–and aiding the folks who need us.


We are the last hope for so many.

Please help.

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Castoff Pet Rescue, Inc
1732 John Smith Road, East
Blairsville GA 30512

Thank you!